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Relatives visiting the Ermenonville forest where 346 people lost their lives, 1974

In 1974, Bereaved families pray and look in utter horror at the devastation where the 300 ton DC-10 was reduced to small shards of twisted metal and personal effects scatted over a large area.

En 1974, les familles endeuillées se recueillent dans l’horreur absolue du site dévasté. Les 300 tonnes du DC-10 ont été ramenées à de petits fragments de métal tordu et à des effets personnels éparpillés sur une large zone.


Près de la plaque commémorative se trouvent des plaques individuelles ainsi que les tombes de quelques unes des victimes, le cimetière parisien de Thiais. Victims of the Ermenonville crash interred at Thiais cemetery, Paris


To verify this Passenger list, you can visit the website aerosteles which provides a detail of the monument.

Crew of craft TC-JAV (A detailed account here)

Mr. Nejat Berkoz

Mr. Oral Ulusman

Mr. Erhan Ozer

Mr. Engin Ucok

Ms. Gulay Sonmez

Ms. Nilgun Yilmazer

Ms. Sibel Zahin

Ms. Semra Hidir

Ms. Fatma Barka

Ms. Rona Altinay

Ms. Ayse Birgili


Identifying all those who died in the Ermenonville crash was an enormous task because of the general confusion at Orly Airport and the last-minute rush for seats just before flight 981’s departure. The Turkish Airlines passenger manifest contained dozens of inaccuracies: many of the victims’ names were spelled incorrectly and some didn’t appear on the list at all. For at least six weeks the police were not even certain of how many people had died. It took a painstaking inquires into twenty-one countries to produce the full catalog of victims.


Mr. François de Bellegar palhortie, 44, married, four children, engineer
Miss Françoise Bernard, 2l, student
Mrs. Tamar Bouhadana, 31, married, two children, fashion designer
Mr. Abel Roger Donnat, 21, assistant personnel manager
Mr. François Druesne, 35, married, five children, chemical engineer
Mr. Robert Andre Jean Lerendu, 34, married, one child, bank director and his wife Josette, 30 and their daughter Corinne Elise Simone, 5 and Mr. Lerendu’s brother Mr. Jacques Auguste Louis Lerendu, 38, married, two children, company secretary
Ms. Monique Lezay, 33, divorced, five children, clerk
Miss Lucie Ludmilla Loubenzow, 26, secretary
Mr. Ladislas Mayer, 42, married, two children, aeronautical engineer
Miss Franqoise Pauly, 26, teacher
Miss Martine Poisson, 18, student
Mr. Robert G, Rcynaud, 43, married, tvro children, sales supervisor
Miss Betty Franqoise Wormser, 21, student


Mr. Omer Faruk Afir, 21, student
Mrs. Serife Tulga Akbulut, 34, married, two children, television producer and her son Mehmet Yunus, 2
Mrs. Clarita Arditti, 27, married, two children, and her son Julian Edgar, 2
Mr. Zeki Dogan Beller, 37, married, two children, maintenance manager for THY
Mr. Halil Bengi, 26, married, one child, merchant and his wife Yildiz Saime, 24, rcceptionist
Mr. Mehmet, 36, hotel waiter
Mr. Oktay Cebeci, 35, electronics engineer
Mr. MustaEa Ihsan Celebi, 20, student
Mrs. Selvinaz Cetin, 30, married, two children
Miss Meral Ciril, 17, student
Mrs. Fatma Gonul Cizravi, 25, married
Miss Sevim Emeksiz, 20, student
Mrs. Ilgun Erdin, 31, widow, civil servant
Mr. Fikri Gurel, 29, married, waiter and his wife Hasibe, 21
Miss Fani Ime, 21, student
Mr. Mehmet Engin 1nan, 21, student and his sister Hatize Burcin, 25, student
Mrs. Aliye Filiz Kapur, 29, married, one child, engineer and her son Bazak Kerime, 2
Mr. Hayim Kohen, S 1, married, two children, exporter and his wife Coya, 43, exporter
Mr. Engin Koray, 24, student
Mr. Ali Nihat Koz, 66, married, two children, engineer and his daughter Mevhibe, 17, student
Miss Sukran Mihlar, 17, student
Mr. Metim Oner, 29, married, one child, assistant professor and his wife Seniha Gonul, 24, receptionist
Mr. Ahmet Oral, 27, student
Mrs. Vilma Ortaagopyan, 37, married, two children
Mr. Mustafa Serafettin Ozturk, 41, married, three children, office worker
Mr. Mehmet Sadettin Pekerol, 55, divorced, three children, importer
Mr. Nazif Sen, 33, married, one child, waiter
Mr. Necmettin Senyurt, 24, engineer
Mr. Ahmed Simsek, 19, student
Mr. Islam Temizkan, 25, airline employee
Mr. Mose Uziyel, 24, married, one child, chemical engineer and his wife Rasel, 24, and their daughter Liat, 9 months
Mrs. Vildan Yardimci, 24, married, civil servant
Miss Gunseli Yuruker, 17, student


Mr. Barry Abraharnson, 67, married, two children, jeweler and his wife Florrie, 6S
Mr. Thomas William Addis, 71, widower, four children, retired driver
Mr. Brian Lucius Arthur, 32, married, two children, real estate agent
Mr. John Steven Backhouse, 43, married, three children, insurance agent
Mr. Roy Bacon, 32, married, two children, secondhand dea1er
Mrs. Theresa Ciene Edith Harrow, 41, married, three children, sales manager
Mr. Ronald Charles Frederick Beasley, 56, married, one child, merchant and his wife May Florence, 54
Mr. Michael George Beckwith, 28, married, one child, doctor and his wife Fatricia Ann, 30, teacher
Mrs. Claire Black, 46, married, three children, artist
Mr, Charles Christopher Bowley, 53, married, two children, doctor
Mr. Ivor John Bradley, 46, married, two children, marketing director
Mr. Sydney Maurice Bressloff, 52, insurance agent
Mr. Robert Anthony Breton, 33, married, three children, accountant
Mr. Geoffrey Reginald William Brigstocke, 56, married, four children, civil servant
Mrs, Bessie Yietoria Brown, 55, married, one child, traffic warden
Miss Susan Mary Burn, 23, secretary
Mrs. Jean Mary Burris, 48, married
Mr. Jack Burtonwood, 40, married, three children, engineer
Mrs. Georgina Evelyn Byatt, 46, married, one child, teacher
Mr. David John Steven Cain, 22, student
Miss Esther Winifred Collen, 20, computer programmer
Mrs. Diana Connelly, 43, married, one child, shorthand-typist
Mr. James Conway, 58, married, one child, trade union officer
Mr. John Hugh Cooper, 33, married, business representative
Mr. Arthur Lawrence Cornish, 39, married, one child, printer
Mr. Richard Tomlin Coult, 22, civil engineer
Mr. David Lewis Cowell, 36, married, one child, farm products representative
Mr. William Claude Dack, 39, married, three children, sales manager
Mr. Trevor Vincent Dangerfield, 37, married, company director
Mr. Hubert James Davies, 49, married, two children, lawyer
Mrs. Margaret Eileen Davies, 58, married, one child, social worker
Mr. William Harry Deane, 59, married, one child, company director and his wife Brenda Winifred, 45
Mr. Ronald William Delaney, 47, married, three children, merchant
Mrs, Marjorie hfagdalen Dickman, 73, widow, three children and her sister Mrs, Gladys Mary Rowlandson, 77, widow, one child, company director and Mrs, Rowlandson’s daughter Joyce Fairburn, 44, and her husband Bryan Egerton Fairburn, 45, architect
Mr. Kenneth Christopher Doran, 60, married, retired air force officer and his wife Phyllis Gertrude, 52, two children
Mr. Mark Dunsford Dottridge, 31, writer
Mr. Eric George Dullforce, 61, married, one child, shipping line manager
Mr. Bryan Graham Ellis, 3S, married, two children, company director
Ms. Jean Constance Fillery, 35, divorced, secretary
Mr. Carlo Alberto Fontana, 38, married, one child, engineer
Mr. Joseph Jack Freer, 54, married, two children, engineer
Mr. Nicholas Jeremy Stewart Fripp, 25, married, one child, wine merchant
Mr. Ian Roger Fuller, 24, fashion model
Mr. Robert James Gillman, 21, trainee print buyer
Mr. Peter Jeremy Green, 27, married, two children, farmer
Mr. Ernest John Gri0n, 42, married, five children, engineer
Mrs. Isobel Kennedy Griffin, 52, widow, two children, shop assistant
Mr. Michael Hannah, 24, actor-fashion model
Mr. William James Patrick Hayes, 50, married, six children, sal¿s executive
Mrs Francis Eustace Hill, 55, married, two children, company director
Mr. Paul Anthony Hiilman, 25, real estate agency director
Mr. Francis Michael Hope, 35, married, one child, journalist
Ms. Joyce Marjorie Hope, 53, divorced, two children, film librarian and her son
Mr. Keith John Madge, 25, film technician
Mr. George Desmond Hunt, 47, married, two children, court official
Ms. Sheelagh (Cave) Hurble, 45, divorced, four children
Mr. Patrick John Hutton, 43, married, physicist and his wife Anne Elizabeth, 40, secretary
Mr. Malcolm Harry Jackson, 29, married, three children, fashion buyer
Mr. Nicholas Paul Jones, 16, student
Mr. Eric Kelsey, 52, married, three children, cafe owner and his wife Catherine Esther, 50, teacher and their daughters Helen Esther Ann, 10, and Ann Mary Olga, 6
Mr. Christopher Mather Kendall, 31, married, two children, company director
Mr. Stuart Frank King, 19, salesman
Mr. Otto Sigmund Kohnstamm, 72, married, one child, doctor and his wife Winifred, 51, secretary
Mr. David Herman Kween, 30, married, two children, merchant (and his wife Phyllis, listed under U.S, victims)
Mr. John Anthony Law-Wright, 33, married, two children, engineer and his wife Susan Vanessa, 28
Mr. Graham Cecil Levet, 18, grain trading trainee
Mr. Morton Lloyd Lewis, 56, divorced, journalist
Mr. Elfryn Lloyd, 46, married, five children, aeronautical designer
Mrs, Jessica Emma Maney, 64, married, one child, merchant and her sister-in-law
Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Rosher, 71, widow, one child, merchant and Mrs. Rosher’s daughter Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Sykes, S2, widow, one child
Mr. Thomas Roger Marriage, 37, married, three children, farmer
Mr. John Patrick McClinton, 26, sales representative
Mr. Peter Graham McDonald, 35, married, two children, professor and his wife Wendy, 34
Mr. James Wilson McMeekin, 47, married, three children, civil servant
Mr. Jack Middieton, S4, married, one child, company director and his wife Joan Margaret, 51
Mrs. Anna Philomena Middleton, 47, married, personnel director
Mr. Robert Arthur Milne, 36, married, compositor and his wife Pauline, 35, design artist
Mrs. Hedwig Morley, 65, widow, one child
Mr. Rex Morley, 40, married, three children, farmer
Mr. Maurice Clive Morris, 40, numismatist
Mr. Peter Graham Morris, 29, married, lawyer
Miss Helen Victoria Rumsey Neale, 38, research economists
Mrs. Mable Doris Newton, 53, widow, civil servant
Mr. David John Russell Nicholls, 35, two children, photographer
Mr. Tadeusz 0kuniewski, 46, married, three children, engineer
Mrs. Gaynor Mary Osborne, 26, married, teacher
Mr. James Allan Overton, 37, married, three children, engineer and his wife Susan Brenda, 31
Mr. Leslie George Paine, 47, married, four children, mining engineer
Mr. Julian Glynne Parish, 31, helicopter pilot
Mr. Terence Frederick Paul, 42, married, three children, company representative
Mr, Herbert Payman, 76, married, one child, electrical engineer
Mr. Martin Robert Perry, 26, married, insurance agent
Mr. Malcolm Ronald Portch, 47, married, one child, company director and his wife Enid Dilysea, 41. company director and their daughter Trudi Melinda, 6
Mr. Ronald Edward Powell, 46, married, two children, chartered accountant and his wife Ann, 45
Miss Prudence Hedley Pratt, 30, fashion model
Mr. Anthony Price, 39, businessman
Mr. Anders Sipo Qunta, 59, married, one child, doctor and his wife Margaret Mary, 60
Mr. Geoffrey Rawlinson, 52, company director
Mr. Paul Raymond, 28, lecturer
Mr. Desmond Armstrong Reay, 59, company director
Mrs, Hannah Marianne Richards, 59, married, nurse
Mr. Richard Anthony Riley, 35, married, three children, company director
Miss Lynne Barbara Roberts, 23, student
Mr, Nigel John Norcliffe Roberts, 24, wine merchant
Mrs. Sylvia Mary Beaumont Roch, 61, married, one child
Mr. George Thomas Rogers, 63, married, two children, retired company secretary
and his wife Ivy Maud Letitia, 57
Miss Patricia Margaret Rogers, 46, company 4irector
Mr. Anthony Colin Ryan, 21, student
Mr. Gregory Robert Anthony Rynsard, 18, student
Mrs. Rosalind Vivian Saeger, 29, married
Mr. Ronald Mark Sanders, 46, married, one child, jewelry representative and his
wife Dorothy May, 51, company director
Mr. Frederick Ernest George Sanders, 42, married, one child, company director
Mr. Charles Henry Sargeant, 49, married, three children, farmer
Mr. Robert Briggs Savidge, 20, assistant farm manager
Mr. David George Scott, 27, bakery worker
Miss Pamela Sheel, 28, fashion model
Mr. John Frederick Slater, 33, married, steward and his wife Gloria, 31, and their daughter Nadine Nicolas, 4
Mr. Laurence Congleton Smith, 46, managing director
Mr. Malcolm Sorkin, 44, married, lawyer and his wife Ruth Yvonne, 43
Mr. Edward William George Sturgess, 57, married, lithographer and his wife Edith Amelia, 57
Miss Erica Ann Sworder, 34, nurse
Mr. Michael Tilbrook, 36, married, agricultural merchant
Mr. David Alexander Tomlin, 43, married, two children, accountant
Mr, Michael Frederick Townshend, 43, bank manager
Mr. Robert William Wallis, 30, married, one child, student
Mr. Peter John Walsh, 23, lithographer
Mr. Edwin William Wardley, 46, married, five children, leather merchant
Mr, Lionel James Ware, 28, married, two children, helicopter engineer
Mr. Peter Frederick Warnett, 36, married, one child, technical services representative
Mr. Sidney Waterhouse, 48, married, four children, textile representative
Mr. John Victor Watkins, 49, married, two children, company director and his wife Mary, 44, nurse
Mrs. Georgina Weld-Forester, 22, married, fashion model
Mrs. Wendy Wheal, 24, married, fashion model
Mrs. Glenda White, 35, married, two children
Mr. Michael Rodney Whitehead, 32, married, two children, engineer
Mrs. Isabella Wilkinson, 51, widow
Mr. Owen James Williams, 28, merchant
Mr. John North Lewis W’1son, 25, married, research economist and his wife Joyce, 24, teacher
Mr. John Winston Winterton, 63, married, three children, industrialist and his wife Winifred, 61, company director
Mr. Peter John Withers, 38, married, three children, company director
Mr. Graham Milton Wood, 37, married, three children, insurance broker and his wife Margaret Rosemary, 33
Miss Linda Woods, Z7, commercial artist
Mr. Peter William Woolvett, 25, fashion designer
Mr. Peter Walter Leslie Zuelchaur, 28, married, marketing development assistant


Mr. Takanori Awakura, 23, bank management trainee
Mr. Fumihiro Fujita, 22, trading company management trainee
Mr. Junichi Goto, 23, bank management trainee
Mr. Masaki Hayashi, 24, trading company management trainee
Mr. Takehiro Higuchi, 26, married architect and his wife Atsoko, 25, elcrk
Mr. Masamichi Hiramatsu, 24, bank management trainee
Mr. Shigeo Hosoi, 23, baak management trainee
Mr. Masaki Imazeki, 23, bank management trainee
Mr. Hiroshi Ishibashi, 23, trading company management trainee
Mr. Tomo-o Ishikawa, 23, trading company management trainee
Mr. Ikuo Itoh, 23, businessman
Mr. Bobuo Iwanaga, 23, bank management trainee
Mr. Makoto Kameyama, 22, trading company management trainee
Mr. Takashi Kamiya, 24, bank management trainee
Miss Keko Kanai, 23, student
Mr. Junze Kato, 22, trading company management trainee
Mr. Kaaumasa Kawabata, 26, textile company manager
Mr. Kenichi Kawaguchi, 22, bank management trainee
Mr. Kazuyuki Kembo, 23, trading company management trainee
Mr. Motohisa Kinugasa, 22, bank management trainee
Mr. Hiromasa Kobayashi, 22, bank management trainee
Mr. Yasushi Kohama, 23, bank management trainee
Mr. gushitami Kojima, 22, bank management trainee
Mr. Yoshiro Kumexawa, 23, bank management trainee
Mr. Tadanobu Matsume, 28, married, one child, tour director
Mr, Yasuyuki Mohri, 23, city welfare employee
Mr. Norikazu Morikawa, 22, bank management trainee
Mrs. Fumi Nagao, 48, married, two children
Mr. Takashi Ogura, 22, trading company management trainee
Mr. Michiaki Ohhama, 23, bank management trainee
Mr. Yuji Okamura, 23, bank management trainee
Mr. Tctsuo Okura, 23, bank management trainee
Mr. Tadaharu Sakat¿, 22, bank management trainee
Mr. Kenichiro Sakurai, 26, student
Mr. Kakuichi Sato, 23, bank management trainee
Mr. Tetsuro Sato, 23, bank management trainee
Mr. Masami Shimizu, 23, bank management trainee
Mr. Takeo Shinmi, 22, bank management trainee
Mr. Hiroshi Shiraki, 23, trading company management trainee
Mr. Yasunori Takashima, 23, bank management trainee
Mr. Shoji Tani, 23, bank management trainee
Mr. Yasuhiro Tominaga, 44, married, two children, company manager
Mr. Hiroshi Tsuchiya, 23, bank management trainee
Mr. Yashihiko Tsuji, 22, trading company management trainee
Mr, Kimio Tsukada, 24, married, trading company management trainee
Mr. Mitsuo Yano, 23, bank management trainee
Mr. Tsukuru Yoshitake, 22, trading company management trainee


Mr. Penn Boyd Blair, 29, married, one child, machine company vice-president Mr. Gary Ray Chard, 36, married, four children, airline sales manager
Mr. Roman W’ojciech Filipkiewicz, 63, married, two children, petroleum engineer Mr. John Hanessian, Jr 49, married, four children, professor
Mr. Loren Mell Hart, 41, married, three children, geologist and his wife Alice Jvan, 40, their son Robert Raymond, 12 and their daughters Nancy Joan, 14, and Terri Diane, 16
Miss Nancy Beth Kalinsky, 22, student
Mrs. Phyllis Kween, 29, married, two children (wife of David Kween, listed under British victims)
Mrs Carol Lemmer, 28, married, one child, hospital administrator
Mrs. Clara Lux, 79, widow, one child, typing school director
Mr. Rehn Claus Peterson, 49, married, three children, company president
Mr. Milton Safran, 49, married, four children, antique dealer
Mr. l4onald Lee Smith, Jr., 12
Mr. Wayne Ayres Wilcox, 41, married, four children, cultural affairs officer and
his wife Ouida Rae, 38, their son Clark, 12 and their daughter Kailan, 15
Mr. Thomas Prescott Wright, 40, married, three children, banker and his wife Fay,38, their son Jackson, 7 and their daughters Carlaine, 10 and Sherryl, 8


Mr. Nelson Lins Bahia, 32, married, two children, civil engineer and his wife Naiika, 29
Mr. Amadeu Pumar Bergamini, 22, student
Mr. Mario Jorge de Souza Castanon, 26, architect
Mr. Roberto Antonio Campanella dos Santos, 22, student


Mr. Pedra Pernias, 52, married, two children, writer and his wife Ilda Lina Elisa,
53, and their daughter Alejandra Maria, 15, student

Mrs. Christine Carmen Bland, 46, married, librarian Miss Rachel Margaret Cowie, 47, accountant

Mr. Jean-Jacques Coussens, 42, married, two children, driver

Mr. Nebil Mfustafa, 23, student

Miss Christiane Muller, 26, chief librarian

Mr. Rasiklal N. Kothary, 40, married, one child, textile industrialist Mr. Ashok Ramanlal Shah, 37, married, three children, industrialist

Mr. James McDonald, 59, priest

Mr, Mohamed Saad Chaouni, 22, student

Mr. James Wedgwood Leslie Berg, 37, married, two children, company director

Mr. Abdul kazzak Lak-Hani, 34, married, two children, importer

Mr. Boubacar Sy, 40, married, merchant

Mr. Ernesto Justo, 25, head waiter

Mrs. Margot Vilma Lassagnes, 78, married, one child, film and television director

Mr. Rainer Pfister, 26, race car driver

Miss Danielle N Guyen Thi, 22, student



May they rest without remorse – May my deed change the way we fly – Bruno Druesne


In memory


Nejat Berkoz

Dedicated in memory of the victims and their families affected by the crash of Turkish Airlines, Flight 981 in Paris, France, 1974.

Here is a forum where information regarding the accident is available to the public and as a remembrance where many can heal from the effects of the tragedy.

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