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Merci à vous pour toutes ces informations. Cette catastrophe a été particulièrement horrible et tous ces pauvres passagers ont vus arriver la mort. Nous ne devons pas les oublier car cela les fait vivre encore dans nos coeurs. L’oubli c’est la mort ! Je suis allé visiter le site en fin de semaine dernière et je peux vous dire que l’ambiance y est très pesante. Ce lieux est marqué à jamais. Le monument  où est gravé le nom de chaque passager perpétue leur souvenir. Le cratère nous rappelle ce que fut cette tragédie et les nombreux débris restants du DC 10 m’ont choqués car ils sont la preuve bien tangible de la catastrophe. C’est un lieu très prenant. N’y allez pas si vous êtes dépressif ! En ce 3 mars, je pense à toutes ce vies si violement brisée il y a exactement 36 ans. Pensons à ces familles qui, en ce jour, pensent à leurs proches disparus… je m’associe à eux.

Thank you for all this information. This disaster was particularly horrible for all those poor passengers ( and crew) that saw death arriving. We must not forget them because it makes them still live in our hearts. Forgetfulness is death! I visited the site last weekend and I can tell you that the atmosphere is very heavy. This place is marked forever. The monument which is engraved the name of each passenger perpetuates their memory. The crater reminds us what was this tragedy and the many ruins remaining of the DC-10 shocked me because they are tangible evidence of the disaster. It is a very addictive. Do not go if you are depressed! In this March 3rd, I think all this violently shattered lives if there are exactly 36 years. Think of these families, this day, believe their missing relatives … I agree with them.

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Thank you so much for all the work in this website. On this 36th anniversary, like all the others, I often think of my dad who was a passenger on the flight. Desmond Hunt, 47 from Belfast had taken a short break in Istanbul and sadly never came home. I was 18 and my sister 16. Needless to say the event had a devastating effect on our lives. He was a larger than life figure and greatly missed by us and obviously has missed out on so much – our weddings, the birth of his grandchildren and their lives.

My mum went to Paris a few weeks after the accident, just before the mass burial was to take place and fortunately was able to identify a wedding ring which meant we were able to bring him home for a final goodbye.  I visited the memorial a couple of times in the late 70’s with my mum but would love to go back some time with my own family.

Thank you again for all the time you have taken to give so many of us so much to hold on to. – Shirley Turkington

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